Saturday, May 28, 2016

Success in life revolves around deadlines

Success in life revolves around setting and achieving deadlines. It is not that deadline which you are bound to complete by your employer. These deadlines are you personal aspirations that you have to achieve be it learning a language be it learning swimming or any personal endeavor.
Usually we all focus around money and tends to focus on task that brings us monetary benefits on high priority.
But only focusing on monetary benefits task will not help you get satisfied and satiated. You have to focus on your personal benefits related task like exercise and some relationship building task.
If you just analyze the life of a normal person he startup as child learning and playing (keeping in view he do not have any financial burden on his shoulder ) Then he chose a profession to earn his bread and butter. And then he continues to work in his profession for the rest of his life
If we divide the life of a person in terms of responsibilities he owes to society we have
An employee or employer
A son or daughter
A sister or brother
A husband or wife
A father or mother
Religious obligation if you follow any religion
National obligation being a citizen of a country
Humanity related obligation towards mankind
There might be other responsibilities you can map with yourself
To be successful you have to have a balance between all your responsibilities
While these all bunch of responsibilities look overwhelming to be fulfilled settings specific deadline can help you be successful
As a child you have to study a whole year to appear in exam so here is the imposed deadline is one year
As a under graduate student you have to study four years.
As an employee you have to work a month to get a wage
In this competitive world priorities keep changing and sometime you are puzzled what to do or what not to do (and this is the main motive of this post to help you out with this ) over the course of 3.3 decades I have realized that getting engaged in to much things and not completing any is a direct road to be unsuccessful and dissatisfied
So I would suggest one thing.
Always finish what you start
And never ever be a chaser of perfection because sometimes people keep thinking about being perfect before actually doing anything and they end up doing nothing
Always remember every master has started as an amateur
If I just keep thinking of the perfect words to write this post neither i written it nor anyone have read this
So just to achieve something set a deadline and start working on it. Never ever keep so many things to achieve at a time I suggest focusing on on thing at a time.

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